A Facebook Marketing Strategy that connects you with Real people

Have you ever wondered how internet marketing could connect you with real people that actually want to connect with you and do business?

Sometime people think that using the internet can be cold and not important for building relationships. I am living proof that is not even close to being correct if you know how to do it. The power of the internet is a tool that I use daily to build my business and help people build theirs.

The main internet marketing tool I use is Facebook. By following a simple Facebook Marketing Strategy I get several leads a day and speak to people every week that are fired up about building an online marketing empire. The most effective and quickest way to get targeted leads connect with real people daily is Facebook Pay per click. You can start with a very small budget, even a few dollars a day and make this work.

You need to have a compelling landing page to send them to. This can be a video capture page, or a custom facebook fanpage. But it must offer a solution to their current issues or problems. You also need to make sure when you set up your facebook ad that you target the correct audience. Then finally you need to followup with those new leads and connect with these people as soon as possible.

Just this week I had over 30 new leads from people that want what I have to offer. One gentleman in particular that I have been working with that I met through this Facebook Marketing Strategy is Shane Hilliard from North Carolina. He is a genuine guy who is willing to follow direction, learn some different ideas about marketing his business and is
set to help as many people as he can.

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~ Brad Killgore
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