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Have you ever wanted a personal trainer but the cost was too high? If you are in the South Denver area my friend Jonathan Van Arsdale has the solution for you…

What do I get?

3 days per week of training from Jonathan Van Arsdale, certified personal trainer and coach, who has 14 years of experience and has proven, amazing results via his previous 90-Day Transformation program.

–An initial assessment and goal-setting consultation to determine your “Point A” and plan how to get to your “Point B”.

–A nutritional workshop where you will discover how to cook and prepare tasty foods that coincide with your individual goals, save money on eating out, and save precious time.

–An individualized meal plan that suits your needs.

–One laser accupuncture treatment with Leysa Noone, of Veda Luz, that will help you curb your particular food craving(s) such as sugary or salty foods.

–Accountability, motivation, and coaching that will support you in making good habit-forming behaviors.

–One free week of training sessions with Jonathan for the two best transformations!

George before and after


Is this a fit for me?

Are you busy?  This program maximizes your time since sessions are 30 minutes long.

Could you use help learning how to make good tasting, affordable, healthy foods that fit in your busy lifestyle?

Have you had difficulty in the past making a lifestyle change that will stick?

Would you like to have fun meeting your personal fitness goals?

If so, you will get everything you need in order to succeed – as long as you are ready to jump right in!


When can I begin?

January 20th 2014


What does it cost?

$895 for everything! (That’s $75 per week!)

This works out to 36 training sessions during the program!

You may pay by credit card or check.


Have questions or interested in participation?
Contact Jonathan at 720-434-1837 or!