Home Business Lead Generation Strategies to Explode Your MLM

Home Business Lead Generation Strategies to Explode Your MLM

How many times have you seen Home based business reps struggling to get anyone into their network?  Sometimes it seems that only the top leaders are generating all the new people.  I will show you how to reverse this way of thinking and kick some serious butt in building your business.

Why are others succeeding while you have hit a brick wall?

You might have listened to everything your upline told you to do, and you might have bought every company produced training product.  It seems like it is still always a major struggle.  For many people it has taken years and years of trying to build a business.  And for some the stress and disappointment were too much.  I have had similar MLM experiences over the years, and absolutely no matter what I tried – it seemed as if nothing would work.


Here are the home business lead generation strategies:

My successful strategy came to me one night after spending several weeks studying many home based business trainers outside of my primary company and following a proven internet driven lead generation system.  I also made some serious decisions about who I was and what leadership skills I could provide to build my MLM empire.  I knew I had what it took to be successful and now was going to completely explode my efforts with a plan and some serious dedication.

I was sure that by connecting with people, helping my team, and acting like a leader, my business would change for the best.

The crazy thing is that with my own inner genius applied to my existing business, the recruiting barrier seemed to totally shift from that day on.  I wasn’t concerned with following someone else’s lead, I only cared about success for my team and myself.

A few leads per month turned into ten, then 20, then 50 and more and more people become serious builders in my business. That’s when things really came together. What I am going to do is share very briefly what works for my business.  I know this may be the strategy you have been seeking.

1.  I learned how to create incredible traffic to my business on autopilot through simple internet technologies, using a successful internet marketing platform and Web 2.0 systems.  It doesn’t matter as much how good you are at prospecting, or following up, as long as you have consistent traffic to your internet system.  Then I started having hundreds of people come to my main website.  Then dozens of people wanted to join me on my journey to success.  I would have people contacting me on a daily basis asking to be part of my organization and to teach them my strategies.

2.  I also decided that when prospects or reps would contact me or come through my online sales funnel, I would defer everything to 3rd party edification, rather than trying to explain it all myself.  In other words, they would ask a question and I would get them on a 3 way call with someone upline, or downline. I would take myself out of the equation. All I did was build a relationship and refer them to systems, people, presentations or sales funnels and they would get it, pure and simple – then I had solid reps with a mind of their own who could stand on their own 2 feet.

3.  Finally I started explaining to people how to build their business, and follow my direction.  It is an amazing thing when you become a great leader and people really do want to follow you.  I have become passionate about showing people how to do this and, believe it or not, many have thanked me and said they needed someone to take charge and LEAD.

That’s enough for now. Take charge of your life and your business and you will SUCCEED.


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