Online Marketing Strategies:Analytics, Strategies, and

Managing online marketing requires a variety of skills which are not directly related to the work being performed. As a manager your job is to measure, budget, and prioritize this work. Understanding the benefits of different types of marketing, the metrics to measure those benefits and the risk reward for each type of marketing campaign is essential to managing online marketing. You can’t count on the consultants you are working with, to tell you which methods will work best for you as most will favor whatever they specialize in, so you need the solid understand of how Social Media, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Affiliate Marketing work together, and how to balance the limitations of each. This book provides guidance, insight and strategies for managers, marketers, and executives in plain English. While this book is useful for a developer or engineer to understand what the end result of their efforts should be, it does not explain in technical terms how analytics are processed or provide code examples for creating reports. Instead this book focuses on understanding the output of tools, ROI’s from different methodologies, and strategies for successfully marketing online. Through simple examples from familiar companies, Brandon walks you through how to use tools from Google, Alexa, Yahoo, Microsoft, and more to keep track of your presence on the web. Illustrations, and sample data let you see real world examples which demonstrate how other companies are approaching online marketing with and without success. Questions included in this text help you to ask your SEO, SEM, and Social Media Experts the right things to find someone who honest, qualified, and with the skill balance you need.

Online Marketing Strategies:Analytics, Strategies, and Terminology for Managers: Managing SEO, SEM, and Social Media Marketing Campaigns Online (Volume 1)

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