Partnering with Rick Gutman in ViSalus

When it comes to business, you have to leave the emotion out of it sometimes. After several years with the same direct sales company, I have made the move to ViSalus Sciences. Many of my Network Marketing friends had told me about this company, and as I explored the possibilities on my own, I saw what was happening.

Here is what was in the Wall Street Journal recently:

” VISALUS is a  6 year old company with 50% of  the top producers UNDER 40 yrs old, VISALUS had 3000% growth in the last 18 months…with 40,000 new customers a month…3000 free BMW’S earned.”

The Body by Vi Challenge has already helped people lose an estimated 4,000,000 pounds.

I feel one of the best features of this company is that you can get your product for Free with disappearing autoship. I have partnered with Industry Leader and former Monavie Black Diamond Rick Gutman to bring these products and opportunity to the masses.


Don’t hesitate, I will just let you know  that alot of top leaders are flocking to ViSalus.


To Your Success,
~ Brad Killgore
Online Marketing Expert
SEO Web Design Specialist
“Take Massive Action”

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