Positive thinking is the key to success

The most powerful gift we have is the power of our mind. Positive thinking is the key to success. If we feel negative, it will manifest into negative. Sometimes it seems like negative thoughts are a lot more realistic than positive thoughts. This is pure madness, in particular because over 90% of what we worry about by no means ever happens! And we waste so much energy on worrying about “what if”.

We need to get our heads around the truth that becoming positive is far more realistic than becoming negative. This is such a complicated idea for most of us to grasp, and we have to really work hard every day to re-train the brain to feel good, not bad.

One way to think about it is to use your body as an example. If your body became out of shape you’d almost certainly view physical exercise as a powerful method to boost its condition, right? So it makes sense to start working on the health of our mind in the exact same way.

Here are several valuable exercises that you can start off implementing today to reprogram your way of thinking:

Use Positive Language

In terms of the language we use, here is an example. It doesn’t matter if we think the words or not, the mere uttering of them makes the subconscious mind believe them to be accurate. It really is as though the subconscious mind doesn’t know what exactly is accurate or false, it doesn’t judge, it only reacts to the language that’s being fed.

A lot of researchers have shown this to be quite valid, and we need to intentionally start utilizing additional positive language to shape the view of our subconscious mind and thoughts.

Verbal Affirmations Every Day

An affirmation can be a positive statement that something is already happening, and is really a quite effective tool you’ll be able to use to shift your internal dialogue from negative to positive. Come up with a few statements like “I am experiencing an incredible day” or “money and success flow to me” and spend 15 minutes each and every morning (and just about every night as well) saying them aloud.

Come up with statements that are relevant for you, and make sure to state them inside the present tense, and in a positive form. This is self-talk in its highest sense, and is usually quite powerful.

Surround Yourself with Positive Images

They might be well-known quotes, inspiring photos, or even your affirmations that you simply write out on index cards. The point would be to have physical reminders of things you consider positive close by. Print these items out and hang them by your desk, near your bed, and inside your vehicle. Whenever you get stressed out, give a glance to them and you will start to get perspective on things and your mind will re-focus!

Say “Thank You” 40 Times each day

Each and every night before you go to bed, invest 5 minutes saying thank you out loud for the experiences you had that day. Examples would be: the folks you interacted with, the business you accomplished, the food you ate, etc…As you do this, truly feel the gratitude and sense of accomplishment flow from inside.

You may also say thank you 40 times every morning and get yourself in an very grateful mindset for the coming day. These are superb practices for becoming more positive!

Create a Vision Board

A vision board will be the physical manifestation of the life you want to be leading. Find images of the home you desire, the places you want to travel, plus the job you really want to have and tack them to a corkboard! Be creative and place words and images that are accurate expressions of your inner-most desires.

Consistently add to your vision board and put it somewhere you are able to see it several times a day- even spend a few moments visualizing what it would be like to be living in this life you produced. Isn’t this a far better strategy to invest time into than inside your usual stress or negative mode?

Listen to Inspirational CD’s and tunes in your car

The vehicle is the ideal location to flex your mental muscle of positive thought. Because if you are like me, you spend a lot of time in the car. This is a good time to listen to music that inspires you and makes you feel very good. I also recommend motivational and personal development CD’s to play them while driving.
Turn your vehicle turn into an oasis of studying and start off making use of the time constructively. Zig Ziglar calls it the rolling University.

Use Positive Thinking Even through Exercising

This is a great strategy to use when you are at the gym. Working out is an excellent time to practice your positive thinking. Say to yourself over and over: “I am powerful and strong” or “I am fast and powerful” and notice the immediate affect these words have on your workout. It truly is incredible how just saying these words increases your stamina and strength and makes your workout go by faster.

So, in closing I recommend positive thinking in every area of your life. Whenever you feel down, use some of these ideas to have a truly incredible day.


To Your Success,
~ Brad Killgore
Online Marketing Expert
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