Sell Your Book on Amazon: The Book Marketing COACH Reveals

So You’d Like to Become An Amazon Bestseller!

Don’t wait. Publishing insider and Outskirts Press CEO Brent Sampson reveals revolutionary advice guaranteed to increase your book sales on Amazon. Learn the powerful secrets used by successful Amazon authors every day. This informative and practical “how-to” guide shares new techniques that are proven to work.

Solutions Revealed!
Discover step-by-step methods for improving your exposure on Amazon and increasing your authority.

Secrets Exposed!
Increase your profitability by learning the secrets to short-discounting Amazon with just twenty percent.

Success Discovered!
Learn top-secret tactics that earn authors tens-of-thousands of dollars in royalties every month.

Amazon Approved
Find, understand, and control every Amazon possibility for maximum book sales.

Hi, I’m Brent Sampson.

Are you holding a manuscript in your hand that you wish Amazon was selling? Or do you already have a book on Amazon that you wish was selling better? In either case, Sell Your Book on Amazon will help you.

You will experience what I have seen first-hand as the president of Outskirts Press – that marketing success on Amazon can be the difference between hundreds and tens-of-thousands of dollars a month.

Amazon provides a phenomenal and global platform from which to sell your book. In fact, the opportunities may seem almost too colossal! But now, Sell Your Book on Amazon unveils it all for the first time. This book provides an easy-to-understand approach to increase your book sales on Amazon by exploring the steps you can take immediately.

As Penny C. Sansevieri of Author Marketing Experts says, “Finally! A book that helps you demystify Amazon. If you have a book to sell, you simply must own Sell Your Book on Amazon.“

Authors who know how to use Amazon’s own system to their advantage simply sell more books. Once a book finds success on Amazon, it appears higher in the search results, leading to MORE exposure and more sales, and so on. It’s the Amazon “virtuous circle” and the key to unlocking that brass ring is in your hands.

This book tells you how to do it all, plus so much more. It’s a tremendous value with a wealth of information at your fingertips. Start increasing your book sales instantly by ordering today. (edited by author)

Sell Your Book on Amazon: The Book Marketing COACH Reveals Top-Secret “How-to” Tips Guaranteed to Increase Sales for Print-on-Demand and Self-Publishing Writers

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