It all starts with desire…Absolutely at the core foundation of this industry is the SIZE and power of your vision and dream. People who have a dream and a desire that is BIG enough will do whatever it takes, whenever it takes, no matter how long or how many hours they need to work — and people who DO NOT have a dream or desire will never put in the amount of energy, work, and passion that it really takes to build a thriving, prosperous organization.

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In case you haven’t heard the news, there are alot of new Leaders coming up the ranks. Have you met the next Network Marketing Leader? Derek Hafner is truly a man of many talents and a massive action taker. You hear a lot of leaders tell you to take massive action, even I myself thought in the past I was a massive action taker… and I was in my own right. But, surrounding myself with leaders like Derek, I truly got a clear understanding of what it means to take consistent massive action on a daily basis. This guy rocks…

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