Here I sit a little more than 60 days after leaving my former Network Marketing Company after 2 ½ years. Like a lot of people I was emotionally attached to the culture, the people and the dream. And I would not trade the experience I gained for anything.

And although I made money, and I helped many people, I felt towards the end that there must be a better way. I had run my course and knew I needed to find a smarter way.

Fast forward to today as I reflect on the whirlwind I have experienced in my current network marketing business. I have been blessed enough to work directly with my friend and upline, Rick Gutman. He was in the previous company that I was in as well. We have been a part of a massive Momentum in ViSalus that none of us could have imagined.


I am also fortunate enough to be working with one of the top Internet Marketing leaders in the country, Garret Acott. Garret and I work with our team to show them automated marketing strategies to build their business fast and strong.

Today I’m celebrating with my team! Because of the great people we have on board, we can say that in our first 60 days over 900 people came into our organization. It produced over 30 FREE BMWs, 17 are now 5 figure earners, 5 are now 6 figure earners and 3 of them have scored $25,000 bonuses for hitting Ambassador…

Talk about unbelievable momentum, this is truly a blessing. So, as I decide which BMW I am going to drive and which team members I can help the most, I also ask who is ready to lock arms with as us we build a solid team of people to take to the top.

We are just getting started. Who’s ready to rock this?

To Your Success,
~ Brad Killgore
Online Marketing Expert
SEO Web Design Specialist
“Take Massive Action”

In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being.We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit. We all go through it at different times. We feel like maybe something in our life isn’t working like we hoped it would. And then “BOOM” we connect with someone on our journey of life and we get Fired Up…..

I have had the opportunity in the last couple of weeks or so to connect with some like minded people to Fire ME Up.
And because of that, I have gone out and been able to share excitement and passion with other people. And then it is like a chain reaction. Just this weekend I have been able to help people in Maui and Australia with a message of hope. My Good Friend Adam Chandler who is an Internet Marketing Madman has been working with me and mentoring me. He was selected as MLSP Member of the month this month and he deserves it. In case you haven’t heard of MLSP aka My Lead System Pro, it is Insane Attraction Marketing System for ANY Network Marketer to brand themselves as a Leader and Market themselves online. This exact system has taught me over the last few years most everything I know about Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Facebook PPC, Blogging, and most importantly helping others succeed.
MLSP has trained many Leaders in this industry how to skyrocket their business, and is an intricate yet dynamic platform for Complete Internet Marketing Domination.

Rekindle your Spirit and Become your own Success Story.

Rekindle your Spirit and Become your own Success Story.

So with all that in mind, my friend Adam Chandler and Jordan Schultz have made major waves this year in the Internet Marketing world by creating a Tribe of Leaders and people just starting out in Internet Marketing to participate in the 100 Day Biz-Builder Challenge. It is a powerful Mastermind Tribe that accelerates your learning curve and Success. We have re-opened the Tribe for just a few days to let a few more marketers have a shot at Success. It is Free to be in our Biz Builders Challenge, you just have to be a member of MLSP. I have learned so much from MLSP and the other leaders, and have been accelerating my leads, and new members to my team so fast that it made perfect sense for me to upgrade to a Platinum Level. That gives me the ability to have my own Video and Audio Hosting tools. I can create high end Facebook Fan Pages in minutes, and my own Leader’s Membership site within MLSP. There are several other features that really ramp up my efforts. So if you are ready to become your own Success Story with a Tribe of Leaders, Act Fast…You don’t have to do this Alone…Below is the information that you need to Join our Tribe now.

Brad Killgore

Online Marketing Expert
SEO Web Design Specialist

Brad Killgore

This FREE Presentation is for serious MLM Business owners ONLY who are 100% dedicated to reaching a $10,000+ Per Month Income with their MLM Business.

Online success with Brad Killgore

Online success with Brad Killgore

If that is not you, Good Luck to You.

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