The Age of Engage: Reinventing Marketing for Today’s Connected,

Marketing has undergone a cataclysmic shift. Blogs, comment sites, and social networks have given your audience unprecedented power in their relationship with you and your products. How can you deploy today’s new marketing tools to break through, build momentum, and gain recognition?

Contrary to popular belief, adding a blog, podcast, wiki, or widget to your Web site won’t automatically draw crowds. Fundamental change is required. Real-world examples from companies such as Volcom, Ryanair, IBM, Viking, Adidas, Proctor & Gamble, and many others show you how to open meaningful interactions with your customers, develop authenticity, share recognition, and engage.

Whether you’re a marketer, communications expert, CEO, or business owner, you face the daunting challenge of marketing with your customers, not to them. In The Age of Engage, widely respected marketing strategist Denise Shiffman lays out a provocative blueprint for how you can

  • Create persuasive value so that your products stand out in this new era
  • Build trust by reshaping audience interactions
  • Expand social currency and extend your sphere of influence
  • Deploy new marketing vehicles to capture the hearts, minds, and wallets of your customers

The Age of Engage will transform the way you think about marketing. It will inspire you to engage audiences by interacting with them in new and inventive ways. And, it will help you reshape or reinvent your company culture, products, and marketing to entice audiences and catalyze markets.

Praise for The Age of Engage:

The Age of Engage is an amazing and essential guide for business, defining the strategic path companies must take for product success. To master the profound changes in marketing forged by the evolution of the Web, every marketer must read this book!’ —Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google

The Age of Engage is revealing and straightforward and envisions a way for all of us to move easily into the open, interactive business and marketing practices Web 3.0 and beyond will require.’ —Pat Sueltz, CEO, SurfControl PLC

‘An illuminating text that assembles in one place the vast changes the Web is driving across marketing and explains today’s requisite paradigm for reinventing your brand. It’s Google Maps for marketers in this era.’ —Tracey Stout, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, Fair Isaac Corporation

The Age of Engage is astute and inspiring. It has given me a host of creative approaches for marshalling the Live Web as a fundamental part of my brick and mortar business.’ —Amanda West, CEO, Amanda’s Restaurants

The Age of Engage offers a blueprint for infiltrating the ongoing conversations of the Live Web that move a product from a mere commodity to a powerful brand.’ —Ben Elowitz, CEO, Wetpaint

‘Shiffman’s conversational style embodies the authentic dialogue she believes companies must have in order to engage their audiences and succeed in the interactive age.’ —Sam Yagan, CEO,

The Age of Engage: Reinventing Marketing for Today’s Connected, Collaborative, and Hyperinteractive Culture

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