Two Headed Network Marketer discovers Online Marketing.

Do people look at you like you have 2 Heads sometimes because you are a Network Marketer?

Do they ever avoid you because they know you’re going to try to sell them on your latest and greatest network marketing opportunity?

Two Headed Network Marketer discovers Online Marketing.
Two Headed Network Marketer discovers Online Marketing.

The other night while I was at the diner, admittedly I was eaves dropping as a young woman extolled all the virtues of her latest network marketing company on her poor, entrapped victim/friend.  As she blathered on and on about her new super lotion from the rainforest of South Africa, I was amused by the uncomfortable chair dance of the unfortunate sap who agreed to sit and listen to her explain the ingredients, the comp plan, the amazing ground floor opportunity.

Blah, blah, blah.

As they continued to struggle on, the young woman looked up as a someone she recognized passed by.  She briefly slowed her dialog to wave and shout “Hey, Bobbi!” to the other gal walking past.  I held back a laugh when “Bobbi” quickly averted her eyes when she recognized who was calling to her, and made for the door at double pace.  As “Bobbi” avoided confrontation, the uncomfortable squirming of this young woman’s prey ramped up, and attention was soon fixed on her again as the benefits of joining her Super Business were explained.

I actually had to get up and leave before I made a scene, as I was starting to be entertained with the situation and was close to busting up uncontrollably.

Is this how you prospect/work your mojo?

This is Totally how I used to prospect, before I realized that this direct sales approach was not very effective, and better methods exist that reach way further! MLM Online Marketing is the ticket for the next MLM Leaders.

So now I am not chasing leads… in fact they’re now finding me.  I use 5 different online tools that allow me to submit articles and videos to over 300 places on the internet daily.

1. Video/Article submission/spinning programs
2. Social Book marking software
3. Blog/website
4. Email Autoresponder
5. Lead capture page

These 5 online tools alone allow me to post to over 300 video/article sites – to other network marketers within those video/article sites – 96 different social networking sites that link back to my blog, to my capture page, my auto responder and to ME INC.  Pretty powerful operation.

Any guesses how much time I spend posting?  60 minutes max.  The rest of my time is spent writing articles, making videos researching my topics, and best of all…

Building Relationships and Calling leads!

The Elite Online Marketing System that I learned from showed me all the skills to do this. Some folks doing this full time spend more time than I do doing these exact tactics, and generate – at times – over 60 leads per day after less than 4 months using these exact same strategies and methods.

All these tools and more are available to anyone, and I don’t understand what keeps 97% of network marketers from using them.  All it takes is some time, some patience and a mentor/coach who can assist you getting started.

Network Marketing Mutant succeeds in Online Marketing.
Network Marketing Mutant succeeds in Online Marketing.

Tonight, as I write this article, I look forward to the next time I have a meal at my favorite diner where I will be generating leads while I read or listen to my Ipod, watch the people go by, and appreciating the fact that I’m not force feeding my MLM opportunity down the throat of someone who is possibly about to no longer be my friend. I am not a Mutant anymore.

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