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Personal Development is the key to your Success.

The most valuable choice a success-driven person can make is to associate with those who also value success. If this suggestion makes you uncomfortable, think about these things. Associating with the success-oriented does not mean that you choose to become stuck up, feel and behave superior, forget to have compassion or indulge in superior thoughts and attitudes.

What is meant is to entertain a preference for being around and spending time with those who hold success as a value–not cutthroat success–but the success of fully realizing your potential. Here are some ideas on what that could look like.

Put in some time identifying groups, associations, affiliations and individuals with success orientation. This may actually be more challenging than it sounds. It is likely easier in metropolitan areas because there are greater choices. Inevitably, though, the success oriented live everywhere.

Consider limiting your associations with those who live life as victims. Understand that this does not mean those who are truly victimized. Living life as a victim means that you choose to see yourself as a victim when the inevitable hardships of life befall us. Victim mentality sees all difficulties as being victimized and is the default setting no matter what happens. Have a stubbed toel…I’m a victim. Determination to overcome every problem is the hallmark of the non victim.

Make consistent choices to associate with identified winners. Sometimes this can feel like a “stretch” for us. We may be totally out of our comfort zone. We may, in fact feel very uncomfortable. It usually takes a bit of fortitude to stick it out. It you’ve chosen correctly, over time a friendly attitude will bring you into the group.

It is likely that you may experience some self esteem issues when you stretch yourself above your present comfort level. Some of this could come in the form of comparison to others. This could “sound” something like, “Many are better than me, have more accomplishments than I do, are smarter than I am, earn more money, have more things…” capped with, “Why would they want to know me?”

It would be very easy to allow such self talk to take you out of the game. Realize this though, it is all in your own head and may or may not have any basis in reality. For all you know, they may be looking at you and thinking the same or similar things. It’s better to surface these comparisons and look at them from the angle of “What do they show about my insecurities, self doubts and areas where I feel inferior? What do they tell me about areas in myself that I want and need to improve?”

How can you take action to improve your circumstances and your self esteem? Taking the information gleaned from examining your comparisons, decide where you would most like to improve. Focus your immediate efforts there.

There are times when focused effort requires cutting out “time wasters”. Pay attention to the time you spend on TV, video games, chatting, junk e-mail, reading trash novels, or anything else that does not contribute to improving the conditions of your life.

Consider recording your favorite shows and watching them only when you’re too exhausted to work. Maybe you can severely limit the number of times you check and time you spend answering e-mail and only respond to worthwhile e-mail. Take a serious inventory of how much of your time and energy you spend on non-productive activities. Likely, it is hours a week. If this time were re-allocated towards your goals, the results could be stunning.

Be open to opportunities among your winning associates. This does not mean to be totally opportunistic and blindly ambitious. It means to pay attention to ways and relationships that could have potential for your business and your growth.

Don’t “pounce” on people. Think about this. People want to do business with those they know and trust. This means that your wisest move is to develop relationships and become known and trusted. There’s nothing wrong with doing this strategically (for specific potential ends)–as long as your interactions are genuine.

When you think about wanting to associate with winners, keep your ultimate goals in mind. This should suggest some groups are likely to be more valuable than others. Focus your valuable time and efforts there. Do not spend your time and energy in a scattershot approach with no thinking, or planning behind it. This will produce little in the way of results, except in an accidental way.

We all have a certain amount of time on this earth and we can choose to spend it any way we wish. We can spend time with those who do not support our best or we can choose to fly with winners. Think about the goals you want to accomplish and make your choices from that perspective.

My life is based on improving myself daily. I do that through reading books, listening to audio books, reading magazines. These are always based on self improvement, personal development, and growth. Then I formulate ways to implement these ideas into my life.

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