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Finally, A System That Churns Out Cash Like a Broken ATM

You know how many videos are uploaded to YouTube every day? Hundreds of Millions. In fact every minute something like 13 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube – the equivalent of Hollywood releasing more than 57,000 full-length movies every week.

That’s a staggering amount of videos. And here’s the thing – here’s what you gotta get your head around – it’s not just spotty-faced kids dancing in their bedroom to Lady GaGa (Google it). Its much more than that. People are uploading all sorts of stuff – How To’s, reviews of products, launches of products – you name it, it’s there.

Why do you think Google threw 1.5 Billion at the YouTube guys huh? They’re not stupid. They could see where video-sharing was headed. YouTube is no longer just a way of sharing video clips. Its become a massive search engine in its own right. So now instead of just Googling to find out something you can also go to YouTube and use their Search Box. You see the power in this?

YouTube doesn’t really care what you throw up – as long as its within their T.O.S, which is why YouTube is so such a powerful and relativly untapped area for marketers like you who want to get in on Video Marketing and on the inside of this high-potential traffic and income generator.

Video Assassin Can Show You How to Harness the Power of YouTube and Video Marketing.

Its simple really. A simple plan. We’re going to show you exactly how to drive a hungry crowd of traffic to your website. Using tactics that virtually force YouTube viewers to your site.

Look at this graphic below. That’s not bogus. That’s real. See that? Over 56,000 visitors in a month from just two little viral videos on YouTube. 60 second videos. Videos you can make yourself really easily.

Video Marketing Proof

This Could be Your Personal Bailout Package

We’re talking real money here. A living. We’re not talking dabbling. We’re not mucking around. We’re not steering you into a stamp-collecting hobby or a part-time eBay store. Let’s be brutally frank – we’re talking of robbing YouTube blind. And making a lot of money at the same time. Relax – its nothing illegal or blackhat. We’re talking about filching some of their millions of visitors – compelling them to come and see what we’ve got. This is laser-targeted traffic dude. This is traffic that’s keen to learn and keen to buy. It’s not kids looking for freebies – forget that. It’s Credit Card waving buyers 24/7.

This incredibly easy step-by-step system can unlock the path to financial freedom that you’ve been looking for as a frustrated Internet Marketer or Affiliate Marketer. Or even a frustrated small businessman, come to that.

We’re going to show you exactly how to tap into the millions of online video viewers and turn them into hungry customers running to your website to put money in your pocket! How do you like them apples huh?

So Exactly How Do You Make Money From YouTube Videos and YouTube Marketing?

How? Just like you make money from Google Search and Google Adwords – by targeting keywords. You make a video with the keywords in the title. YouTube is a Search Engine remember. The second biggest search engine. You been to YouTube recently? They’re on widescreen HD for starters. But then they have all this other cool stuff as well – you can caption your videos. You can put annotations – interactive commentary – on them. You can play them Fullscreen. You can join a Stream and chat with others who are watching the same video you are.

Insight – Great Tool for Online Video Marketing

And now YouTube has introduced a feature called inSight. And this is brilliant. Go ahead – check it out.(YouTube Insight) Look what you can do with this baby. Look at the Stats it gives you – Views, Demographics, Popularity geo-targeted, How people are finding your video, Who’s commenting, How HOT your video is and get this – it has a Keyword Tool to help your targeting.

What Part of Your Video are They Watching?

You can even see exactly what part of the YouTube video people are most interested in. If they rewind to look closely at some part of the video – you know it. Isn’t that amazing? Imagine what you could do with that information. Especially if its an instructional type video. You could take that particular section and make it into a featured video all on its own. And optimize the keywords to get more targeted traffic.

Drive Insane Amounts of Traffic to Your Website & Create Huge Profit Streams.

That’s it in a nutshell really. That’s what we’re all about. Marrying keywords, search engines and video to bring HUGE volumes of unique visitors to your site.

Here’s Just Some of the Killer Content In This Program

Content you can use to EXPLODE your online earnings.

Discover the secret revenue streams that the elite marketers use and don’t want you to know.
Explosive techniques that GUARANTEE your acceptance into the underground networks that the gurus use to explode their incomes.
How to create a residual stream of income – setting you up for years of passive income.
How to literally steal traffic from YouTube. Oh boy – wait ’til you read this!

Listen, this is so easy even our brain-dead office cleaner got it. And if you knew our cleaner…

We get you up and running fast. No fluff , no filler, no B/S. Just hardcore info and techniques that’ll turn you into an Internet Assassin. “Terminate With Extreme Prejudice” – they’re your sealed orders Bud. Now eat this page.

What Else?

You can work at home with this. Yep. Beer in one hand and mouse in the other. Or for the ladies, a Margarita. Maybe that’s going a bit too far but you get the drift – you’ll be your own boss is what we’re trying to say.

Work just a few hours a day or go hard – its your call. How much money do you want to make?
You can put this on autopilot or hire drones to do the work for you. That’s the beauty of it.
Even if you know nothing about marketing and have never been in business, we show you everything you need, start to finish.
Amazing strategies that even the elite marketers don’t know about that put the real power in your hands.

What’s This About Again?

Complete domination of YouTube to drive hungry targeted customers to your site. ( And the other video-sharing sites if you want to attack them as well.) This is a hardcore Ninja way of getting to the top of YouTube’s search results every time with zero effort. And that’s how you make the big bucks. End of story.

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