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I’m sure you have heard the term “Attraction Marketing“. But are you really clear about what it means? It was not totally clear to me, but prior to my education on what it’s really like to market this way, I had been on the other side. Big Corporations have done this forever…  maybe you’ve heard of this and not even realized what they were doing. Lowe’s does this type of marketing…  They have free classes at their stores on painting, decorating, building additions… they have books for purchase that teach people how to build, wire, fix… So what does this really do?  It creates brand loyalty, and when the consumer is looking at their next project, they look in the guide for what tools and supplies they need… And where do you think the go buy it at?  Lowe’s? Exactly! This is exactly what Attraction Marketing does. It positions you as the expert in the field, so that when the average Joe is looking around for a advice, knowledge or a service, they will always come to you!
So as far as Network marketing and Online Marketing, this is very exciting news. This creates leverage and authority. You position yourself as the leader, so that folks who want to have a successful network marketing business seek you over everyone else, thus putting already committed network marketers into your primary business. They actually want to be there and work with you, and you do not have to sell them or convince them of anything.  It really doesn’t matter what your product or company is, because you are what they are attracted to for your value as a leader and successful innovator… you’ve attracted them to you just by showing that you have value. Because you can teach them how to lead and start building a profitable networking marketing business.

Online Success via Attraction Marketing

What the heck are you talking about Brad? I really don’t quite understand this concept? “Why”, you might ask? There are alot of answers to this, but we’ll stick to a couple of the big ones… If you have to sell a rep on your opportunity and “close” them to join your organization, each and every month you will have to “sell” them again to keep them in. You have now become their MLM babysitter. Not a great and productive organization in the making. What if your MLM biz has corporate issues and changes the comp plan such that your commissions drop, and you want to leave? Or your main product loses its market share? Or if you find a different opportunity? Or for some reason your main company decides you’ve done something worthy of canning you and taking all your hard earned commissions? If you are branded as YOU INC… an attraction to work with – don’t you think that folks that have worked with you in the past are likely to move with you to a new opportunity? Totally More Likely! So you can build a new organization in a new company way faster!

Hmmmm…  How does one go about cranking it up in Attraction Marketing? In as few words as necessary… Learn to Lead.  And never stop Learning! You have to become knowledgeable in your industry!  Read books from people who have what you want. Millionaire authors are a great resource, MLM Masterminds, Marketing gurus… get their CD sets and listen to them in the car during your commute… interview successful people, get to know people who you want to emulate… it’s a long list!

When and only when you provide value, you can share that value with others. You are giving of yourself freely to help others, and because of this they want what you have! I want to make clear that there is no magic potion that will make you an attractive leader and attractive to people. You earn that with hard work and dedication. You have to devote time to complete personal growth.Turn off or limit the TV (unless you’re watching a DVD of someone who is providing education!). Commit yourself to becoming like those who you have identified as successful. When you have these leadership skills and qualities, you have the ability to Attract.  That’s the “how”. “Why” is so that you can attract other entrepreneurs and marketers who know that this industry works and are committed to working in it. All because you have what others want – the “what”… knowledge and leadership skills. That is what the best of the best do, and why they are the best.

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I finally understood what attraction marketing is about, and why everyone’s networking future depends on it when I checked this out.


The the main question I get from new Online Marketers is…”How Do I Provide Value“? You may be asking yourself what do you have to offer if you haven’t been doing this very long. How can I improve upon my Marketing and Entrepreneurial skills? It can be very frustrating to keep reading and watching other marketers doing this and providing valuable content and information, but you’re wondering what you can offer. I promise you do have something special that you can share with others.

Yes, it does take time to continue providing MORE VALUE, but even in the beginning you can provide more value than you think. We all learned to read and write, correct? We didn’t just start doing it without practicing and learning first, and that is what my next few posts are going to get into. I hope you enjoy the basic aspect of  how you can begin adding value even as a new online marketer. It’s easier than you might think. We all know something that can make a difference to other people.

Hope that helps!

Brad Killgore

SEO Web Design Specialist

Increase Online Sales

So, you have your business website setup. Do you know what pages in your web site are generating the most interest? Do you know how to Increase Online Sales? Do you know what terms people are searching for that result in them finding your site? Probably not. Let’s use the peanut butter analogy. You have a website that sells peanut butter. You spend some money on paid search advertising/PPC and you assume that the key phrase “peanut butter” is a prime phrase to target. What happens?

Usually one of two things:

1. the term peanut butter is such a popular search term that thirty million other web sites are competing for the same key phrase.

2. the term peanut butter is so unpopular that it’s unlikely that it’s searched for more than once in this lifetime.

Proper keyword research can solve these problems. Let’s say for the sake of argument that keyword research is performed and that it is determined that a significant number of people are searching for “crunchy organic peanut butter”. It just so happens that our peanut butter company manufactures a whole line of organic, all natural crunchy peanut butter. We have discovered a niche. The right amount of people searching for the specific product that we want to sell. It’s the perfect match. So, what must be done to capitalize on our findings? First we optimize our web pages for our target keyword, we change the title, and the content so that they include the term “crunchy organic peanut butter”, then we scrap all of the paid search advertising that wasn’t working and focus on targeting our “crunchy organic peanut butter” market. The point is, successful search engine marketing relies on constant research and updates since the internet is fluid and evolving. What works today might not work tomorrow. We are able to identify strengths and weaknesses in your internet marketing campaigns and constantly research, update and adapt for maximum conversions and ROI.

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